Sunday, April 6, 2014

Despite New Restrictions, E-Cigarette Shops See Growth Ahead

Despite New Restrictions, E-Cigarette Shops See Growth Ahead:


Major cities across the country have passed sweeping regulations against e-cigarette use over the past few months, but e-cigarette shop owners aren't too concerned about losing customers.

Los Angeles just banned e-cigarette use in virtually all public areas on March 3, and they were just following suit with similar legislation that's been passed in Boston, New York City, Chicago and other smaller cities. Shop owners are a bit nervous about what to expect when the new regulations go into effect over the coming months, but they don't think a few new rules are going to halt business.

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The idea of e-cigarette is great. All the good things stay, all the bad goes away, also it is a cool gadget. Still so much person against it. Why? I mean really why? Let us evolve. If people will buy cheap, non tested liquids and gadgets from unknown sources online, it will be worse than using real cigarettes... that thing goes directly into your lung, man!

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